Dance Recital, June 2012

"I'm afraid this tumor is going to take my life but I am not worried about where I will go if it does"
Kelsey Michelsen


When you are in the middle of dealing with your child's cancer diagnosis and all that brings with it, it is hard to find anything positive or encouraging about the situation.  When I was sitting in the hospital room at Mayo with Kelsey and I would think about the future and what might or might not happen it was enough to send me into a panic.  So I had to learn to focus on the here and now and deal with tomorrow when it came.  By doing this I began to recognize and appreciate all the "little things" that were actually positive and/or encouraging.  By sharing those "little things" with you it is our hope that you will in turn be encouraged as you and your family, or a family you know go through this journey.

The quote at the top of this page was made by Kelsey after she was told that her tumor was growing again.  Kelsey had a tremendous amount of faith as does our entire family.  We would like to share things that have been an encouragement while on this cancer journey; whether it be an answer to prayer, God's provision, or someone doing something at "just the right time."  It may even be lessons that we have learned in the process of our journey.  We encourage you to reflect on your own experiences and to share them with us via our email so we can post them on this page in order to encourage others. 

Current words of encouragement:

To all the dads. Always remember that you are a good dad! 

I struggled after Kelsey was diagnosed because being Kelsey's daddy I was supposed to protect her.  I felt helpless because I felt that I should be able to stop this and make her better.  It's the hardest thing to do in the world watching your daughter go through this and knowing there is nothing you can do. However, don't loose faith!

Once I gave it all to God I saw a miracle.  Kelsey overcame many obstacles and touched so many lives in the months after she was diagnosed even though the doctors thought she wouldn't make it out of the hospital.  The best thing you can do is just live life and cherish every moment that you have with your child.  No matter the outcome remember this...the Lord will never leave you or forsake you!

Submitted by Steve Michelsen, Kelsey's dad