Previous words of Encouragement

Previous Encouragements

Kelsey was diagnosed with a brain tumor on a Saturday night in June.  Kelsey's twin brothers were attending UNI, in Cedar Falls, IA (1 1/2 hours from our home) but were home for the summer on  break.  The night she was diagnosed they were  in Cedar Falls celebrating a friend's birthday.  The decision was made by Kelsey's doctors in Des Moines to life-flight her to Mayo Clinic (3 hours from our home) in Rochester, MN.  Normally a family member can accompany their child on the helicopter but this night they had a back-up helicopter and there was no room for us so we had to drive separately.  It was terrifying to watch our child go up in the helicopter and then get in a car and make the drive.  As soon as we knew Kelsey was going to be sent to Mayo we called her brothers and they started the trip to Minnesota.  They arrived only 10 minutes after Kelsey and were able to be with her until her dad and I got there.   If she had been diagnosed on Friday or on Sunday she would have had to be by herself for almost 3 hours in another state after just learning she had a brain tumor.  God's timing in regard to Kelsey's being diagnosed was "perfect" in the fact that Kelsey did not have to be in the hospital at Mayo alone.

Submitted by Tammy Michelsen, Kelsey's mom